Toss the filters journal 1/3/2022

New Years’s eve I sat quietly waiting with the clock to bid farewell to a year that was not the year many of us had wished for.  Now by no means did it come completely void of blessings, but many of us will attest to the fact we were faking a lot of our outer optimism.


With social media and technology we have at our hands filters that we use for all types of things.  Skies look brighter, teeth appear whiter, wrinkles fade away and we can paint a rosey picture of how we wish life felt at any given moment.


As someone who dabbles in photography I have been allowed to capture some of life’s most precious moments.  People spend a lot of money to make sure those photos are perfect. They use them to store the memories of something spectacular and they want them flawless.  To make it happen we bring in the filters, fake lighting, heavy editing and tossing  the less than perfect shots.


The photographer takes on this task, first through the hours that capture every moment them deciding what memories will make the cut. In editing our finger readies to erase the food smudges in the corner of a toddler’s mouth, delete the crying pictures of infants and attempt to decide how much wrinkle and redness to smooth from faces  weathered by life.


With regret we delete and alter each moment to create the clean, happy, stress free memories people long for.  Our hundreds of captured moments, your memories reduced to a fragment of the time spent together, our heart breaking a little with each hit of the delete key.


In life we can’t say good riddance to 365 days, we can’t delete the parts that do not fit into our happy bubble.  Every one of those days shaped us into who we are, taught us where there needs to be change, what we did well, what we were blessed with.  Our new wrinkles, grey hair, stains, blemishes and tears should be as cherished as our laughter and joy.


We are entering 2022, don’t hit delete on 2021 as we journey forward.  Take it with you, learn to gaze upon each memory not as one little, filtered piece but instead an entire picture that needs every piece to be whole.  


Toss the filters, keep the memories and let the world share in you just as you are.  Live each day of 2022 as the best day of your life!

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Not easy to do after a year like 2021, but I'll try!
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Blessings for 2022 Larissa. I always enjoy the depth with which you create your posts. There is one particular filter I use, the only filter really, since I like my fine lines and greying hair and that’s the “red eye corrector”. (Your meaning of “filters” was not lost on me though; just threw a little crazy humor in). Blessings 😘
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