He. Is. My. Tree. Journal entry September 26 2021

He. Is. My. Tree ….journal September 26, 2021

The day cancer came into our daily vocabulary was September 28, 2004, “survivor day”,  you are nearly upon me once again.  There has been so much going on in the world I have to admit you are sneaking in rather quietly.  I prefer this new you and I hope this relationship remains as understated as it has this past year.


In 2004 we watched Summer turn into Fall from a hospital room as our 17 year old daughter battled the ravages of a double kidney infection.  Her Dad stayed with her through the nights as I went home to care for our 12 and 14 year old children while fighting my own battle that had yet to be named.


In short I recall our eldest being packed in ice as fever refused to leave her, while I was sent to fast and prep for a colonoscopy.  I can barely grasp the memory of the army of people who stepped up to keep our lives and the lives of our little ones going.


I know within a couple of days we sat in front of our 3 and we told them  the news no one should ever have to share and a shadow passed over our home and pressed upon us.


There were rivers of tears, floods of prayers and one tiny seed planted in a Mommy’s heart.  “Please Lord, leave me here long enough to see her graduation, if I could just have that”.


She was just one week into her 17th year.  How do they grow so quickly?  Where do the years go and do we truly cherish them as we should?  That seed grew and I watched her graduate and that seed continued to grow as I was blessed to see our other children graduate.


It is nearly September 28 and that seed of hope I planted has grown into a mighty tree.  I have curled up next to it to rest, climbed it’s branches to see further down the path, leaned into it for strength in the storms and hidden in it’s shade when the days needed some protection.


Etched in the bark are 17 more gloriously cherished years given to me by God.  I can’t measure those days in good or bad as each day comes with joy tucked somewhere within it.  


That seed was planted by me but nourished by the love of a God so powerful that I have curled up next to Him when I need rest, climbed onto His shoulders to see further down the path, leaned into Him for strength in the storms, and hidden in the shade of Him when I needed protection.


This was a day He knew was coming, He knows the number of my days, He is my strength, He is my joy and above all things He is my God.


He. Is. My. Tree.

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Simply Beautiful!
Love you, my friend! ❤
I love reading your posts. I learn a little about your family and marvel at your writing and strong faith in God. You always touch my heart and soul. Thank you.
Amazing. Love to you and your family, and Our Father.😘
Larissa, may you continue to have annual rings of healthy growth in your Tree of Life. Thanks for sharing and reminding others that there can be a 'happy ending' to our cancer battles.
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