Sweet 16.....journal 9/28/2020

Sweet 16...journal September 28, 2020



Sweet sixteen is a term used to refer to a child maturing into a young adult. A party is often thrown to celebrate all of their past accomplishments and give them warm wishes as they turn the page to a new chapter of their life.


Today, I celebrate 16 years of survival.  I don’t need a party or celebration to mark the gift that today is.  I have been given 5843.87519 days to unwrap and celebrate since that first September 28 that marked a new beginning in life for me.  


I have thanked God for each and every one of those days by doing my best to find the joy in them.   Living them like they were the best gift I have ever received and truly feeling the enormous blessing they were meant to be.  While my eyes are set on eternity with my Lord I admit that I cherish the time fully rooted in this world he created.


This year has been difficult for our world as we face all we are accustomed to ripped from our hands and shredded. We dive for those pieces and do our best to put them back into that familiar shape we were used to while pushing our roots deeper into the place we find comfort.  We cry out when we realize we no longer have some of the pieces and have to figure out how to live in this new place that looks so unfamiliar and less than appealing.


In 2004 when cancer began shredding the body I live in and went after my family  I was near undone in my attempts to snatch up those pieces and put them back together.  They looked entirely different each time and I slowly came to realize things are meant to change, I was meant to change.


We are resilient, we are strong and we were created to change and do better with each new day we unwrap.  Today I will unwrap “sweet 16” and celebrate all that it means to me.  I will find time and be thankful for all the people God has surrounded me with to celebrate this journey and to help me live each day like the best day of my life.


Cheers to you Sweet 16,  may you continue to shine bright as you face 2020 head on!

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Cherie sent you a hug.
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God bless you! And congratulations on your sweet 16! Love your blogs, they are so inspirational.
That’s amazing! Congratulations on sweet sixteen.
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