Oh the goop....journal 6/20/2020

Oh the goop....journal 6/20/2020


I live with a giant breed dog complete with floppy, slobbery lips, today was wipe down walls day.  As I was taking on this task my mind went off on it’s own as it is known to do, and I began to compare goopy walls to goopy life.


My dog will shake her head several times a day in response to some minor irritation and sends goop flying.  There is no telling where it will land and once she is done she thinks nothing about how that will get cleaned up or whom it may bother, she just feels better and that is good enough for her. 


I began to think about the places in my life I need to clean up.  Where have I slung my feelings into the air because I was irritated, leaving that goop for someone to just deal with or clean up?  Would it continue to make me feel better if I took the time to think about how it made others feel?


It is important to have a place to vent frustrations, to shake out the goop in our lives but it needs to be in a safe place.  It needs to be with someone you trust, that knows your heart, that you have filled with love and loves you back so that goop gets overlooked or cleaned up and life can go on better than it was before.


I love this big, goopy dog and would not trade her in because she comes with goop, I am her safe place and she is valuable to me.


I love many people and am blessed with people that love me back, goop and all.  My prayer today as I washed those walls was one of thinking before I speak, listening carefully to guidance from others, and only responding with love in place of goop.


Living each day like the best day our lives and finding the joy in it!

Annabelle sent you a hug.
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You have this amazing way of saying as it is. So full of meaning & truth. You speak for us all xx
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I can't imagine someone as thoughtful and articulate as you sending goop flying anywhere. But sometimes we do it without realizing it. I occasionally do that, ruminate for a bit, only to find the person never even noticed the goop. Seriously. I'm thinking you have a St. Bernard or Boxer. I have a chihuahua and this morning she left poop by my slippers because I slept too late! Hope you and family are all well. Take care 😘
Oh, Beatrice! ❤
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that was adorable. What breed is it? I know the newfie has lots of goop. I was just wondering.
Italian Mastiff
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