Journal March 26 2020

Journal March 26, 2020


Today is ours to live, be that as it may in this surreal time we are living through.  We are equipped to handle this, in fact many of us have trained hard for it.  What, you ask?  The complete turnaround, thrown off the horse, went off the cliff, that moment when you were full speed ahead with your eyes on the the goal and BAM, life stopped.


Life did not entirely stop for you if you are reading this, just the plans you thought you had for it.  That moment the doctor gives you a diagnosis and suddenly you are not a healthy person but a very sick person, the baby you dreamed of having is no longer coming, the child you were waiting on will not be coming back, the job you dreamed of will not be yours, graduations, weddings, homes, celebrations of life, vacations all gone in an instant, BAM, stopped.


You stand there unable to go back, wanting it more than anything, blinking your eyes over and over as you attempt to wake from this nightmare.  You look forward and know there is no way you can survive what is out there in the future you did not plan.


I have the verse Matthew 6:34 tattooed on my body because it is a verse I tell myself nearly every day!  “Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of it’s own”.  In my mind this verse tells me not to worry, not to think in the past and not to overthink what is coming and it tells me that today has enough “worry” of it’s own.


This is true, each day has enough worry but also enough joy, so much joy.  joy that I will surely miss if I am so caught up in misery over what was or what should have been or how tomorrow will look.  Joy that sustains me, builds me up and allows me to counter punch the blows life doles out.


We have hit a wall and hit it hard my friends, stopped in our tracks.  We are standing on the edge of uncertainty like we have never seen before yet we have, it just looked different.  It can no longer be measured up to this because we survived it and we will find a way through this as well.  


Today is yours my friends, live your best day,  let the worry of today burn itself out as it makes way for you to find joy, send love and live the today we have been given to live.


Living each day like the best day of our lives 💜🙏🏻💪🏻

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Always such an inspiration to read your posts. Thank you, Larissa.
Words to LIVE by in these strange and difficult times, my friend. Thank you for reminding us! I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. Love ya!
Thanks so much for the uplifting words!! Blessings to you.
Beautiful 💕 This is so true. Worry gets us no where!! God has us and will get us through with faith!! XOXO, Lenae
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