Dandelion dreams....journal 2/18/20

There is magic awaiting any child allowed to run free in a field of dandelion plants.   I will forever argue that they are not weeds but prolific reminders of dreams. The tall, puff topped stems of wishes equally as enchanting as the sea of yellow flowers they become.


We can all remember racing to pluck them from the ground and blow the beautiful floating wishes into reality.  Snatching as many yellow blooms as we could to weave into enchanting flower chain necklaces.  The pungent smell forever forged in our memory as childhood perfection.


Adulthood brings delight as we teach and encourage the next generations to blow ever so perfectly to free their own wishes from the stems.  We patiently show them just how to pick the best ones and not disrupt the puff until the wish has been made.  We gasp when those wee, chubby hands accidentally grab the top in their anxious attempts to make wishes of their own.


Once we are confident they have learned enough to go about wishing we secretly pick our own perfect stem, take a deep breath and slowly blow.  Wistfully watching our dreams float gently into that magical place where maybe, just maybe one will come true.


This dear friends is what we need to cling to when things aren’t going as well as we hope.  Those dreary days of pain or illness trying to rob us of our dreams and wishes.  Remember the fields of your childhood, breath in that smell as you reach out to pluck that perfect stem from the ground and you allow your mind to remember that there is a possibility for wishes to come true.  


Living each day as the best day of our lives....

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Beautifully written, Larissa.

Wishing you endless fields of dandelions. 😊
As well for you 💜 thank you
You are lovely 💜
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Your writing has a calming affect on me🌹
Awww, that means a lot. 💜
The imagery is so touching and beautiful.
Thank you, imagery gets me through a lot of tough times. 💜
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Thanks for the gentle, calming images that arouse memories and all the senses
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