Red Balloon July 3,2019

Once in a story I heard Pooh Bear ask for a red balloon, when asked if he needed it he answered “no, but it would make me happy”.

Balloons can pop or float away, in a short time they shrink, wilting to nothing so that happiness will be long gone.  I feel the urge to warn Pooh to choose something that will last, that will continue to bring happiness in the years to come, something that won’t break his heart when it is gone, but I hear his voice and with certainty I know the balloon will make him happy!

Pooh is a simple bear, with simple needs in a complex world of “oh bothers” and yet he gets it!  Understanding that we don’t have to set our worries out ahead of us, we can stop and take joy in this very moment.  We can want what makes us happy right here and now.

It is ok to dream big, God gave us dreams, it is ok to want lasting happiness, it is ok to long for security in our future.  It is not ok to be so consumed by these feelings that we lose sight of the simple pleasure of a red balloon.

We need not collect the balloons along the way for they were meant to just be moments of happiness.  Bright little bobbing spots of joy on our life’s path.  Take hold of that string, look up and smile and know that while you don’t need it, He have it to you to make you happy, so don’t be afraid to ask for and enjoy a red balloon. 🎈

Living each day like the best day of our lives!

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Love this!🎈
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You are so right. Life is made up of moments, lets have as many pleasant ones as possible. We have choices that allow us to choose our path.
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What a wonderful thing to share 💕
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That was great.. now I am going back in my coloring fort and drawing a red 🎈 balloon! Hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Beautiful 💕🎈
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