Life is percentages.....journal February 22 2019

Recently I shared more about the genetic cancer disorder I carry and passed onto all 3 of my children.  I was asked by many people if the  high percentages of passing it along truly made it worth the risks to reproduce.  

Given the fact I did not know the risks of this particular gene going into my family planning it did not cross my mind, but then again don’t we face risks and percentages each and every day?

There are studies showing that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime so having  daughters is very scary.   Oh but wait, men have a 1 in 8 chance of getting prostrate cancer so that evens up that fear.

According to one study I recently read, 88% of Americans will develop heart disease, diabetes or other life threatening metabolic disorders in their life times.  Now doesn’t that put a damper on your happy go lucky outlook on life!

Then again, this is life!  Full of ups and downs, steps forward and backward, dreams accomplished and failed, living and dying.

A recent discussion with my daughter and son in law over health concerns my daughter was experiencing with her pregnancy led us to discuss Lynch syndrome (the cancer gene) and how statistically it was mind boggling that all 3 of our children got the glitch.  What this meant for our grandsons and this new granddaughter on the way threatened my normally joyful outlook on life when my son in law casually states, “we all have a 100% chance of dying”.

Hello reality check!  If we chalk up this routine, ongoing, mind crushing, in our face surveillance for cancer as protection and not fear we can go about living life a whole lot better!  Hey, we might even be called lucky because we know all about the junk in our trunk!

Without the junk we have no way to measure how wonderful the good is, and it is indeed good.  Think how a smile  warms your heart, a child’s laughter tickles your insides, the sun on your face after a storm fills you with energy and those are just the tiny joys in life.

This is the life we have and we need to live it like it’s the best day of our lives 100% of the time no matter what falls in the path of our journey!

Go get the day dear ones and if your mind gets overwhelmed with the junk, find your balance, stir up some joy and get the heck over that little bump and back into life!

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I agree. You can't make life decisions based upon what-ifs, especially when you didn't even know you had a what-if. I'm sure your children are so glad they were born to you, lynch or no lynch. At least they are aware of their gene and that's more than most can say. And they are aware because you had cancer. There are no dues to be paid, but if one lil pinky of yours feels that way, then you've paid your dues. God bless and enjoy that family.
💙 thank you
Beautifully said. I particularly liked your comment regarding the benefits of knowing “what junk we have in our trunk”. Oh, if only we could live a life without risks, challenges, disappointments and pretty awful events. But that totally joyful is only found in fairy tales, not in our reality. Our challenge is to do our best to limit the negative impact of the bad stuff and to embrace and enhance the good stuff.
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People get in their cars every day, whether it's to go to work, to school, the grocery store or to meet friends. I doubt that they ever stop to think about their odds of being involved in an accident. Life is just about taking once chance or risk after another. We cannot let that paralyze us! I love the way you think, Larissa!
Well said.
Sometimes it's hard to do, but being positive and carrying on is sometimes the best medicine.
Genetics can a "two edged sword". It is probably a vehicle to cure some cancers.
Peace to you
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