Let it go...journal 1/19/19

Let it go....journal January 19 2019


We live in a society where many days we feel as if we are just hanging on by a thread.  Deadlines, expectations, quotas, home decor, fashion and even the persona of our well being have us pushing ourselves into stress induced breakdowns.

The body and mind can only handle so much before the overload shows what damage it is causing.  Forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, aches, pains, headaches can lead to breaking the body down and allowing bigger diseases to step in and rob us of vitality or even life altogether.

I listened to a sermon recently about worry.  I listened intently because it contained a verse I cling to so much I had it tattooed it on my body years ago.  Yup, old lady with Matthew 6:34 permanently inked on her body so she never forgets the importance of, “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of it’s own”.

Do I do this well, this not worrying thing?  Probably not but I diligently work at it each and every day.  Taking note, prioritizing and letting go.

Letting go, oh my this is a tough one. We want control, we want our stuff, we want our polished image and we are natural managers of all things ours.  

Years ago I was working in a small stable with very expensive Egyptian Arabian horses.  These horses were high strung, easily agitated and did not get out much so I was attempting to show them a world they had never known.  One day I took a beautiful, grey mare out for a ride and we encountered a man hole cover.  She lost her mind and began snorting, raring up and thrashing around.  I slid off her back in an attempt to soothe her by allowing her to see me but now I was dodging steel shod hooves backed by a thousand pounds of crazed idiot.  It was about this time I heard “let it go” and I began to access what was around.  Garbage truck coming down the road, busy street not far away, some people jogging on the side walk all left me thinking there was no way I could “let it go”.  This highly prized animal could get killed or kill someone else and I WAS IN CONTROL, but I wasn’t and as I heard again “let it go” I let go.  

For a second I thought I had made the worst choice of my life as this creature bolted away, but as I limped after her I saw her run a short distance and shield herself behind a hedge.  Protected from the manhole of death, the rattling monster garbage truck and the strangers bounding down the sidewalk.  Her sides heaving she whinnied at me and her eyes begged me to take her home.

This creature had everything she needed in life, she was fed, her home was warm and clean, she had people that loved her and her work was something she could do well and be done with at the end of the day.  She needed no more than what she had to be the incredible horse she was created to be and she learned quickly that more was just too much.

Creating a life that is just enough but not too much, the perfect balance of what is needed and to the rest we say “let it go”!

Living each day like it’s the best day of our lives.  Go get today, make it simple, make it special and bless someone along the way.

Annabelle sent you a hug.
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THANK YOU for this wonderful post. I so needed to read it! I also need to do it. Thanks for reminding me there are times when not letting go can do so much damage.
I am having a hard time right now with the letting go thing. Some days taking care of my 94-year old mother with dementia, worrying about not being able to sell her house that's 600 miles away, and all the other stuff can be overwhelming. I will try to do better!
That is tough stuff to deal with. I find that I just have to write down the long term “musts” and then just fight to stay in the “what can I do today”?! Day by day, sometimes breath by breath. Be gentle on you, there is only so much one human can do!!! 💜
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Thanks, Larissa!
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