Fragments made whole...

This has been a very different holiday season for many people close to me and it has made me think about and pray for others constantly. 

The words “shattered, coming apart, divided, split up, broken” keep swirling around me in conversations and it is heart breaking how much pain is about us in this world.

One word that comes to my mind but is not included in conversation is fragment, “a small part broken from a larger entity”.  How can we be whole and healthy in mind and body when pieces of us are missing? 

Battling disease, losing a loved one to death and broken relationships are all ways that fracture our delicate minds and bodies taking something away from us.   How do we fit in and survive in a world where we are not whole, when a piece of us is missing?

The words of my daughter many years ago suddenly come forward in my mind.  I was attempting to teach her brother, then in first grade the art of adding fractions.  We were going round and round and getting extremely frustrated as to the concept of this nonsense when the 5 year old came marching in to end this apparent debacle.

Obviously irked and tired of listening to us she blurted out, “LISTEN, parts of numbers plus parts of numbers make wholes with left overs”!  Stunned, we opened, then shut our mouths as it all became very clear to us and we moved forward with a renewed zest for fractions.

Can we do this in life?  Are we able to lose parts of us, fragments of what once made us whole and move forward in the world?  Might we in turn bump into another person with missing parts and realize we indeed still have parts of us to share?  Aren’t we all just a collection of pieces we have gathered together while traversing our paths?  Sharing the pieces of us with each other, lifting up, filling in, “parts plus parts make WHOLES with leftovers”.

Some seasons of life are hard, there is no way to avoid them.  We need each other, continually reaching out to gather all the fragments, large  pieces and little chips coming together to make us whole with leftovers!

It is a season to learn, love and live each day like it is the best day of our lives!


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Lovely! May God bless you in the New Year and always, Larissa! Love and Hugs, my friend!
Great story. So true, so true.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. All good wishes for the NEW Year Annabelle xx
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This is the second Christmas we have had without our son.. it's hard everyday.. I think what makes it harder but a blessing too is being around family with there entire family.. When we had one child and he was taken from us.. not that I want any thing to happen to anyone... I have enjoyed this Christmas watching my niece's open there present... My son had the best party ever celebrating Jesus's Birthday in person... May God Bless us all!! Happy New Year!!
How could your heart not be broken. Mine got so sad just reading your loss. Wishing I could do more than just saying sooooo sorry.
Love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing them.
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