Grab a shovel....Journal November 11, 2018

It is another day in the neighborhood.  So much junk whirling around that can bring moods of all shapes and sizes knocking on our door. 

I sit here thinking of our veterans and all they have sacrificed to allow me to live a life of privilege and I am thankful!  I look in on the recent political updates and continue to pray for clarity, safety and calm in our country.  

Taking note of all the illness, depression, loss and pain in the lives of my loved ones, friends and strangers and I come close to curling up in a ball of despair and overwhelming grief but then I stop just short of succumbing to the breakdown in favor of hope.

In my inner circle I watch people putting their own needs aside to help others, getting out of their beds every day to give to families after their own was torn apart.  I see simple gestures of kindness , the sacrifice of time and money, but most importantly the floodgates opened and the pouring out of love on humanity.

This is what hope looks like, this is the reason to get up in the morning, to set grief and fear aside and to live each day like the best day of our lives.

It’s just another day in our neighborhood and we GET to choose what garbage we allow or send packing down the road.  Grab a shovel my dear ones and clear the way to a beautiful day to live!

Annabelle, Becky sent you a hug.
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I am so glad you see the hope and the love that is in this world. Yes, shit and crap are flying around in our house too but we do our best to keep our heads above it. Some days it's very tough. Right now I am reading a book called Finding Joy. It is amazing, easy to read and has helped both my husband and I to keep our head above the fray and to appreciate what is good in the world. We do have many reasons to celebrate, and our veterans are certainly people we can be grateful for. Thanks for taking the time to post your message. We love hearing from you, for sure.
My husband and I love to say, "What a bunch of shit." And laugh our asses off. Thank you for sharing your message of hope for all of us.
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