The Quilt....journal January 10 2018

My 50th birthday came with the promise a special quilt was being made to remember that monumental day!  

Last week I was presented with that dazzling quilt.  It's  vibrant orange (my favorite) colors parading with a rainbow pallet chosen worthy to share the presence of such a glorious color.

My friend true to her nature was quick to point out the flaws only her eyes would ever see as my eyes gobbled up the beauty like a person starved of a lifetime of sunshine!

My quilt, sewn by my friend for a lifetime that nearly explodes with the ups and downs it has come through.  Stitches that I am sure never came close in number to the prayers this same friend has breathed in God's ear for me over the years.

Life too is flawed my precious friend, but sewn into it are far too many indescribable mountain top moments for me to take time searching for flaws amongst the stitches.

I choose instead to wrap myself up in this incredible piece of love and art feeling the life lived, life to come, joy, hope, faith and happiness it represents.

Thank you for my quilt, thank you for my prayers, thank you for a friendship that has endured the tapestry our lives have been.  

Around us is a world so full of people, beauty and possibilities we can scarcely take it in, yet if we did can you begin to imagine the color of the quilt it would create.

Living each day like it's the best day of my life!

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Oh Larissa it's stunning! Happy 50th, it's a great decade! I like flaws, personally. I like flaws in people too. They have charm. Enjoy that quilt 😘
Wow! So beautiful! :) Happy Birthday!!!!
Absolutely beautiful! What a treasure! Happy Birthday, my friend!
Happy birthday Larissa. What a glorious quilt and to know each stitch was made with a prayer makes it priceless. What a glorious friend to have. Enjoy the beauty and the flaws!
Beautiful! What a wonderful gift.
Beautiful! Happy 50th Birthday!!
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