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Hand prints...Journal Sept. 13 2017

I can't believe nearly a year has gone by since this screen and I have had a word session.  The words have been here in my miind, swirling about as I take on each day and the ups and downs those days bring to the party of life. The words just seemed not to want to be part of the story up till now so I have allowed them the freedom to float about and not be bothered with joining together until I am sitting here in the wee morning

staring at the television, tho it is not on so that may seem odd to many.  When you don't turn it on you get to create the story rather than diving into the sorrow of world news, the comedy that helps us escape or another episode of home improvement that probably involves shiplap which I have grown weary of.  So I sit and stare at the black and realize I should clean this screen as it is covered in the wee handprints of our grandsons we get to enjoy so often.  I stare at the prints and think back to my own kiddos and think of how many handprints I have washed off of TV screens, walls, windows, car doors, stainless steel appliances and I am brought to tears.  I AM STILL HERE.

Nearly thirteen extra years of handprints, love, hugs, laughter, sorrow, vacations, birthdays, new friends, old friends, aging body gripes and all I am still here to cherish it, remember it and live it.  The prints trigger a memory of being young and seeing some fresh, smooth concrete that had been newly poured and smoothed around a fire hydrant.  I remember sinking my hands into that cool surface and thinking as I lifted them away "no one will forget me now".  Well, to my dismay someone found those handprints soon after and they were smoothed away and the concrete covered so it could harden without my little mark on the world.  I was crushed, I felt I had been erased and would easily be forgotten to any and all whom had known me in those few short years.  Hands became important to me that day and I often find myself gazing at the hands around me and wondering where they have been or what they have left to touch in this world.

A new baby's grasp, the gentle coolness of the thin skinned elderly hand, the callous of a hard working man hand, the protecting hand of a Mom, hands clasped in prayer, my husband's hand that has comforted me for years and the hands that reach out in greeting spark something within me, within us.  Unique to each of us, used in good ways and bad they are what we use to seek out our world, to leave our mark in a place we hope will remember us when we are gone.

I am going to leave those little handprints on this TV today and maybe longer as I dream of what lives these little boys have ahead of them. I will wash their sticky hands as I did their Mommy's and countless children over the years and I will be happy.  Happy for all the years I have been blessed with in this lifetime and all the hands I have gotten to wash, hold, pat, shake and watch change the world I am so blessed to be in for awhile.

Don' let the burdens of health, world crisis or daily routine rob you of simple joy.  Put it aside, let it wait and reach out your hands to touch someone near.  Leave your loving handprint on the lives of those around you and be thankful you are here today.


Living every day lifke it's the best day of your life.....


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Bill sent you a hug.
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Thank you for writing this. I needed it today. Your words bring such comfort.
Beautiful!! So inspiring!! May you and your family be Blessed!! XOXO, Lenae
I love this! And I must add, I dislike shiplap more and more with each day that passes, thanks to JoAnna. And admittedly, I don't even know what the hell it is! lol! Love and hugs to you, my wonderful friend!
Well said Larissa. I hope that you are doing well.
Hi Larissa! Good to hear from you again. I wondered where you were but in my heart I knew you were absent from here because you were enjoying life. The fact that fingerprints and sticky, little jam hands are in the mix is an added bonus for sure. I think I need a black tv screen day very soon because the alternative in getting to me; too much bad & sad. I need to see paw prints! Enjoy the upcoming holidays. God bless.
I love this Larissa... Your such a wonderful inspiration :) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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