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Life is bigger than a moment in time....5/15/19

We all have them, a moment in time, a snapshot or memory that was so quick yet so huge it altered our life forever.  Changed who we are, reshaped our thinking and catapulted us to a realm of life unimaginable just seconds before.


These moments can be crushingly sad or filled with a joy we never thought possible.  A baby is born, a loved one passes away, an accident occurs, a doctor utters a less than happy diagnosis or the heart pounding moment we cross the finish line faster than ever, blink and it’s a reset for the course of our lives.


I have a memory of being 8 years old and making a wish that I don’t remember, but I do recall blowing out the candles on my cake and a staggering sense that life would never be the same.  To this day every time I smell the smoke followed by the blowing out of birthday candles my mind, if allowed can take me back to eight!


These snap shots, course changes, life redirects happen to all of us but what do they mean?  How do we use them and are we supposed to use them?  I feel as tho I could be crushed by the magnitude of such huge life events that take place in a fraction of second.


It may be better to just let them be, not follow them about in an attempt to control the outcome but allow them to shape the future as they will.  Letting them go, to allow the next moment in and the shaping of our lives to continue.


Life is bigger than a moment in time, letting go and moving forward allows us to live each day like the best day of our lives!  






Annabelle sent you a hug.
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I agree. In times of unrest, trouble, etc., I've always allowed myself to be taken by the hand and guided by that which knows better and is more powerful than I and yet remain proactive about whatever is going on in my life at the time. It's not a cop-out or not wanting to face reality; I think rather it's the difference between remaining as calm as possible and thinking rationally OR going all ten thousand maniacs and making yourself sick with worry. Larissa, your posts challenge my psyche and I like that 👍🏻😉😘
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The Stones along the Way...journal April 22 2019

The stones along the way...journal April 22 2019

Recently I was invited to celebrate with a friend that conquered the nasty creature we refer to as cancer, personally I would like to use less tasteful words but I will refrain.  As I sat at the table looking at the small group of friends she chose to hold close that day I was reminded of the portion of my path that mirrored hers.
I adore paths, I am drawn to paths in photos, my heart leaps with excitement when I see a path leading into the forest, up to a cottage or down to the sea.  Paths beckon us, they tease us to follow them into what could be.  Often they are gentle and what awaits us at the end is magical and filled with joy, but there are times that they are rugged, dangerous, dark and horrifying.
On those less than magical parts of the journey I find myself thinking of cobblestones.  Each stone representing solid footholds placed ever so carefully to keep us from sinking into the muck.  I have been blessed with a path scattered with cobblestones.  I see it in my mind’s eye, in the distance behind me, beneath me and beginning to stretch out before me.  I feel safer on this path knowing that the stones are there and even if the path becomes dark I have faith that I can move forward and again there will be joy. 
I am encouraged that my precious friend will know this as well, she has clung to the stones on her path and has seen the unyielding solidness of their promise to hold her tight.  She has faith that God has placed the people the stones represent in her way so she cannot overlook the fact they are there just for her!  What a privilege it has been to be chosen as a stone in her path and how thankful I am for the stones in mine!
May your journey be solid, may you see joy in the journey and may you not step around the stones for fear of upsetting the path.  It is there for you, step firm, move forward and live each day like the best day of your lives my friends!

Annabelle, Olga sent you a hug.
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I like how you see Stones as a metaphor for faith. They're not all easy to walk on but with faith, not the kind that are very slippery thus allowing you to fall into the abyss. Your friend looks up to you as a human and a survivor.🌹
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Sending prayers for your friend. She is fortunate to have you as a stone in her path! Love you, Larissa!
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You touched my heart. I'm a lover of nature, hiking my passion. I so related to The Path. So many pictures of paths I've hiked on, each one sending excitement throughout me. Being in nature is my God, where I feel God. And looking at a path in front of me, touches my soul.
I can be driving in car and spot a path into woods at side of road, wishing my feet were on it, yet still feeling the peacefulness just seeing The Path.
Thank you for this, and I must say, if you do not write for a living, you surely could if you wanted to.
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Larissa,. You give me the courage to continue my journey no matter what. I like what Cheryl said that being in nature makes her feel close to God. We live in the woods and I have always felt close to God here. Every day is a gift.
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Well said. Reminds me of "Footprints"

Footprints in the Sand

We all need faith.
We all need friends.
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